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The flowers of this cherry are double pink. Form is similar to Autumnalis, a wide vase shape. Fall color is yellow to bronze.
Adrian's Compact
Adrian's Compact is a pretty, dwarf red maple. Summer color is more red than purple, and it seems to glow as the light hits it. Mature size is probably around 5 foot by 5 foot. Adrian's has larger leaves and is more open growing than Shaina. Fall color is red.
Aka hosada
Aka hosada is a red upright linearlobum Japanese maple. The fall color is a nice garnet red. It is smaller in structure than Atrolineare. It is not a true dwarf probably reaching 10' at maturity.
Aka kawa hime
Aka kawa hime is a slow growing dwarf, coral bark maple. It is a slower growing plant than Fjellheim or Winter Flame. Its habit is tear drop, maturing to a plant as wide as tall. Aka kawa hime is good for confined spaces where the plant needs to remain small.
Aka shigitatsu sawa
Aka shigitatsu sawa is a variegated upright with outstanding coleus-like spring growth. The leaves fade to green with whitish variegation. Aka shigitatsu sawa makes a strong stocky tree, wider than tall. (Red snipe leaving the swamp)
Akane hagaromo
Akane hagoromo (Beni hagoromo) is a red form of palmatum with leaves deeply divided to the base, giving the look of five leaflets per leaf. As the leaf matures, the red foliage fades to a medium green. Mature height is unknown, but probably under 15'. Fall color is a nice orange and garnet. (Red clothes of the angels)
Akita yatsubusa
Akita yatsubusa is a true dwarf palmatum, similar to Sharps Pygmy. Its twigs are brown and leaves are slightly larger than those of Sharps Pygmy. Mature size 4 foot by 4 foot in time. Akita yatsubusa has good orange red fall color.
Amber Ghost
Amber Ghost has wonderful amber and orange spring growth with distinctive dark veins. It will mature as a small tree to about 10'. Summer color is green, with orange red fall color
Ao kanzanshi
Ao kanzanshi is a narrow, vase-shaped tree with subtle Butterfly-like variegation. It has an outstanding pink to red fall color. Ao kanzanshi retains its vase shape even as an old tree, reaching 15' to 20' tall at maturity. (Green hairpin)
Ao shime no uchi
Ao shime no uchi is a green linearlobum type maple with orange overtones on the mature leaves. It has bright yellow orange fall color and a heavy red seed set. It layers out to make an outstanding specimen. Mature plants are slightly taller than wide to about 15 feet. (Green within New Year's Day)
Aoba jo
Aoba jo is strong growing green dwarf, forming a round ball. Its leaves are surprisingly large for a dwarf palmatum. Mature size around 5 foot by 5 foot. It is popular for bonsai.
Aoyagi is sometimes referred to as the green counterpart to Sango kaku. Aoyagi has bright pea green branches that become yellowish in the winter. Aoyagi's leaves are smaller and more twisted than Ukon. Foliage is a bright lime in spring and throughout the summer. It is one of the few palmatum cultivars with a consistent clear yellow fall color. (Green Coral)
Aratama is a red dwarf Japanese maple of smaller structure. Older leaves become green in the summer. It is an excellent plant for a patio use, and has nice garnet fall color. (Uncut gem)
Ariadne is a member of the Shigitatsu sawa group. Ariadne has orange pink coleus spring growth. Leaves mature to a nice a maroon red. At maturity it is a short stocky plant, wider than tall, to about 10 feet. Fall color is red.
Atrolineare is red upright with narrow linearlobum leaves giving it a delicate appearance. It holds a deep red summer color, and has a nice red seed set. It is a smaller tree to 12 -15 feet, wider than tall. Spring color has a pinkish cast; fall color is a nice scarlet red.
Atropurpureum Dissectum
Lace Leaf
Atropurpereum dissectum is the old type dissectum, now often called Ornatum. The oldest and biggest laceleafs are probably this type of Japanese maple. It is grown primarily for its great orange red fall foliage.
Aureum (Shirasawanum)
Aureum is a small, semi-dwarf Acer shirawanum known for its brilliant golden foliage. Seldom more than ten feet in height, Aureum does best with afternoon shade. Aureum is a highly desirable plant in the landscape. Its fall color is a beautiful orange and red.
Autumn Fire
Lace Leaf
Autumn Fire is a green laceleaf with reddish new growth, which fades to a medium green. It is grown primarily for its outstanding orange and red fall color.
Autumn Moon
Autumn Moon is a smaller Acer shirasawanum with attractive burnt orange colored leaves. It has nice orange to red fall color. It is a better grower than Aureum; Autumn Moon forms a round head at about 10 feet in height. It seems to withstand heat better than some of the other A. shirasawanum cultivars.
Azuma murasaki
Azuma murasaki has red spring color that fades to a strong green. New growth is orange red giving the plant a two toned effect. It is a similar plant to Kinran; Azuma murasaki forms a medium sized tree to about 15 feet.
Baby Lace
Lace Leaf
Baby Lace is a witch's broom dissectum, orange red in the spring, fading to green. It has very nice orange red fall color. The plant is somewhat delicate and needs some protection when young. It will mature to a ball around 3'.
Baby Lace Lexington
Lace Leaf
Baby Lace Lexington is probably a reversion from Baby Lace. It retains the coloration of Baby Lace, but has a much larger leaf and is more vigorous. Leaves emerge an orange red in the spring, fading to a medium green. Fall color is a bright orange red.
Lace Leaf
Baldsmith is beautiful mounding laceleaf with apricot new growth, contrasting with its deep green mature leaves. Baldsmith is not red or green, and forms a third type of coloration with Orangeola and Watnong. Branching of Baldsmith is pillowy and airy, and is distinctive in the landscape.
Beni fushigi
Beni fushigi is a dwarf maple with intense red, deeply cut and twisted leaves. It has similar coloration to Shindeshojo; starting bright red and fading to a mottled green. Beni fushigi has nice red fall color. (Red wonder or Red mystery)
Beni gasa
Beni gasa is a round headed red palmatum similar to Burgundy Lace in leaf. It will form a small tree to about 10 to 12'. Fall color is orange. (Red umbrella)

Showing: Results 1 - 25 of 282 2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  > >>